Highest point total per week: $45

Most points throughout the season: $20

Second most points throughout the season: $10

Third most points throughout the season: $5

(If there is a tie for the $20 prize, $10 prize, or $5 prize, the top tied prizes
will be combined and split among the winners. For example, if the top 2 players
end the season with 1580 total points and the next highest player has 1490
total points, the $20 prize and $10 prize would be combined to $30 and
then split to each player who had 1580 total points. The player who had
1490 total points would receive the $5 prize. If there is tie for the $5
prize, the $5 will be split among the winners.)

Prize amounts assume there are 22 players in the league. Prizes may be scaled
up or down based on the actual number of players in the league.