New to Fantasy Football??? No problem!

In case you're not too familiar with fantasy football, here is a summarization of how it works. There will be 12 people in the league who each has their own team. We will all get together at my house sometime before the NFL regular season begins. We will take turns, in a predefined order, picking NFL players to be on our team until everyone one has 3 quarterbacks, 4 running backs, 6 wide receivers/tight ends, 2 kickers, and 2 defenses/special teams. Each NFL player can only be selected once and then he is not available to anyone else after that. Each week, you select from your roster of NFL players the players you want to start for that week. You must start 1 QB, ((1 RB and 4 WRs/TEs) or (2 RBs and 3 WRs/TEs)), 1 K, and 1 D. Each week, your players in your starting lineup will compete against the players in someone else's starting lineup. All 12 team owners will play each other at least one time throughout the season. The way you determine which team beats the other is based on how well your starting NFL players did that week versus how well your opponent's starting players did that week. The point value for touchdowns, yardage gained, etc. can be found on the Rules Page. All the points will be calculated and displayed on this web site. Standings will be kept track of based on how well you do throughout the season. For example, if you beat your opponent the first 2 weeks, but loose the third week, your record will be 2-1 after the third week. Each week, you will have the option to waive any of your NFL players and pick up a free agent in their place. A free agent is an NFL player that is not on any one's fantasy team. There are cash prizes every week for the highest point total from all your starting players and there are cash prizes every other week for various other things (i.e. team who had the highest points from their quarterback for that week, etc.). Furthermore, there will be 3 weeks of playoffs for all the teams in the league after the first 13 weeks. The teams will play against each other in the playoffs in a similar fashion as to how it is done in the NFL (the best 2 teams have a bye week for the first playoff week and it is single elimination). After the playoffs have been played, the top teams remaining will win cash prizes. For more details, read the Rules Page and Prize Page.

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