How To Create a Team Logo

The Best Way is to find some artwork you like on the internet and touch it up. To find artwork, you can use AltaVista to search for images at: Once you find it, either download or use the right mouse button while positioned over the image on a web site. Then do a "save image as" and save it onto your computer. You can paste several images together and give some a transparent background using MS Paint which comes with Windows (START->PROGRAMS->ACCESSORIES->PAINT. Don't double click the saved file or it may come up in Netscape or another editor. Open Paint, then choose FILE | OPEN, etc. You may need to do a SAVE AS to convert it to a gif file if you need a transparent background. Select Image|Attributes|Transparency (don't need to select color). This will allow you to get just a football for example without background. Select the football, cut it and paste it onto your logo. Play with it, you can edit by pixel by View|Zoom and choose a paintbrush and color. This is a fast way to make a fairly sophisticated logo for your team. You will also want to add the words for the team name.

After you have created your logo, just e-mail it to me and I will post it on the web site.

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